You get nervous, your hands are sweating, you heart is pounding, you fear for you safety. This scenario is common for people suffering from social anxiety disorder. Some people cope with this disorder through so called 'tokens'. A token is a small object they keep so if they get raddled, they nuzzle, smell or look at their token.
It is proven that through stimulating the senses, people are able to take their minds off the anxiety and calm down. Some people have different tokens for different situations. 
Remood contains multiple 'fruitboats', each inheriting different materials. These pieces are intended to give the feeling you seek through your senses and thereby helping you relax. As people are different, each person might need different materials, therefore there's many kinds of fruitboats each containing all sorts of materials. With these you can customize your Remood so you have all you need to get happily through the day, all in one convenient location.